Giga Horse Mackerel, Tera Horse Mackerel Season has Come!

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Ok, back to track.

Horse Mackerel Master, Captain Okkamu catches horse mackerel all the year but now it's the season of Giant Horse Mackerel.

Horse mackerel usually caught in Susaki is about 40cm, 16in as max, but now max size is over 50cm, 20in, and some of them are even 60cm, 2ft!

50cm big Horse Mackerel is dealt about 15USD in market. Horse mackerel is quite popular in Japan.

Ok, let'see how many of them were caught!


アジアジ   レンコダイ   サバ 

These are about 40cm with yellowback seabream and red marbled rockfish.


アジ  レンコダイ   イトヨリレンコダイ  アジ

Golden theadfin bream is one of big surprises during mackerel fishing.


レンコダイ   シイラ   アジ

Dolphin fish were everywhere in the sea of Susaki now.

They can grow nearly 1m here.


As one extra information, since his knowledge, skills, expereince to catch horse mackerel,

Captain Okkamu was interviewed by fishing magazine!


 Sorry for that all the sentences are written in Japanese.



Now is hard time to cross the border to the other countries, but 

if you are still interested in catching those here in Susaki next year,

please let us know via the email address:


E-mail : (in English & Japanese)


Or, contact us at 0889-42-2311


(Telephone in English, French & Japanese, available Mon~Th, 8:30~17:15 in Japan standard time),


For the details for fishing tour is here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


Location of port is here.


Again, this information has been provided from Yoshino Marina Resort. (Only in Japanese)


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