Our Homepage has been renewed!

Hello, everyone!

It has been a while to update.

Vacciantion has been started in many countries and hopefully the day we used to travel freely comes back soon.

Hope all of you are safe until vaccinated.


Ok, today's topic.

As title shown, we updated our website little bit.

First of all, on the top page, at the middle, there is a new section called "釣りブログ"=”Fishing Blog” in English.

All the fishing results will be updated in this section. So, if you'd like to see what is caught in Susaki now, you see this section.


Second, there is a page to introduce our captains. Captains

In this page, you can see all captains and their fishing boats.

Videos are showing actual fishing footage. So, you can get grasp of image how offshore fishing in Japan looks like.


As I keep saying in this website, coronavirus is still everywhere in the world, therefore, it's hard to take a chance to travel around.

After corona pandemic ceased, and if you plan to come to Japan for fishing, please use these visual materials to make up your mind.

Thank you very much and hope we will see you all soon here at Susaki, Kochi Prefecture in Japan!!