Closed season has been extended for Unagi in Kochi

Hello from Susaki to world anglers!

Greeting from Susaki Toursim Fishing Center located in Kochi Pref, Japan.


We would like to distribute fishing information of Susaki here.

Today, what we inform is a sad news.


In Japan, Unagi (=Eel) is pretty popular in Japan. Especially, comsumption amount of Unagi in Japan gets higher during summer.

At same time, many anglers go out to river and estuary from around 5pm to 9pm to catch eels. And, that is some kind of seasonal fishing scene which can be seen at water side in Japan.

However, this cannot be seen after the end of September in Kochi from  this year due to dramatically decrease of the eel population.


According to Mainichi Newspaper, one of major news paper companies in Japan, eel population in Kochi is sharply decreasing recently as much as one over 46th compared to the best year in the past. As a countermeasure, Kochi Pref. decided to forbid catching eels from October to March this year and that applies to the following years.

Plus,  only freshwater body was the restricted area before but this regulation has been applied to estuary and ocean this time. I can't speak this loud but I had got information of great eel spot on September 30th. That information was quite relible and I was very ready for going there in coming weekend from that time period, which is in October. Yes, time is over. I have got this new regulation on October 1st and this news made me miserable.


Eel population is decreasing dramatically in worldwide. To protect biodiversity including eel, establishing this regulation can be thought as neccesity.

Passing this great creature to the future generation, we need to stop large amount of consumption and dispose of food and follow this rule.