While jigging for Dolphin Fish, a surprise happened

Hello, world anglers !


How have you been?  For people who live in Northern Hemisphere, please hydrate yourself. Be careful to deadly heat.

For people who live in Southern Hemisphere, please send us coolness from south.


Anyway, I, web editor, got a motor boat license since high school student, and have never used it by few days ago.

Yes, finally I used my license! I and my colleagues rented a boat and went out for shore boat fishing for Red Snapper.


We have launched a boat from port at 5:30 AM and fished until 13:30.

So, 8 hours under deadly sunshine heat  brought us this result.


タイラバThese are caught by 4 anglers for all day long. Hmm....where are the other fishes?

It was such a hard time to keep fishing under 35degree celcius with this poor result.

Well, well, fishing belongs to the state of nature. Fishing is not always promising. That is what fishing is interesting.


Anyway, no other clues noticed, but though I was a captain first time ever, I was only one who caught nothing this day......this is still secret...


Anyway again, let's take a look what other groups of anglers caught as title said.


During August 14~15th, Japan is in the time called "Bon", the time to go visit to grandpa & grandma's house. People move from urban areas such as Osaka, Tokyo to regional areas.

So, people take a vacation all together at this time of the year.

Even high school students are not exceptions for this.

Group of students chartered one boat and they were surrounded by the group of dolphin fish.   




Dolphin fish is fun to fish and tasty to eat.  They usually stay as a group. So, once you encounter one, you have chance to catch bunch.

Additionally, dolphin fish has plain white meat which can be cooked deliciously in any ways. It is quite simple to fillet and there is no annoying tiny bones.


It seemed that they finish a day with only dolphin fish but fishing is always unexpected.

One angler got this fish while the other people were catching dolphin fish.


Yellow fin tuna! About 7~8kg?   That is why fishing is fun!

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We will see you at next information update and hopefully at Susaki for fishing in future!


Fish on!!