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Susaki Tourism Fishing Center delivers information related to fishes in Susaki.


Does anyone know that there are lots of fish farming going on in Susaki?

A bay inside of the peninsula stretching to sourth is quite calm and suitable environment  for fish farming.

Therefore, main occupation for fishermen around this area is farming amberjack and there are so many farming nets that can be seen through satellite imagery.


This is an imagery of a part of Nomi Bay where amberjacks are being farmed. Tiny white squres are 10m x 10m each.


About 200000 amberjacks in total are being farmed in bay and they were delivered to the restaurants when they grew up around 3kg, (7lb) every year.

However, this year was different due to Corona Virus as everyone knows.


Restaurants which had been ordering amberjacks stopped the orders  due to the decreasing of customers.

And, currently, 200k amberjacks are still remained in farm.


Of course, fishermen must keep feeding amberjacks while looking for where to delivers them.

If amberjacks grow too big, there are several problems such as increasing delivery fees and taking more time to process the fish and so on.

And, worst case is to abandon them.

Fishermen tried to sell them in different ways but amberjacks farmed in Susaki didn't have a brand name to sell.


So, this time,  fishermen campainged the project to name these nameless amberjacks.  


【Newspaper Article】(Sorry, only in Japanese)

Expanding marketing field for amberjack project "Name our nemless 200K Amberjacks" initiated!! 


Via mass-media, they collected the nominated name for nameless amberjacks and more than 2000 names gathered.

And, nameless amberjack became "Susaki Kanpachi" (*Kanpachi means Amberjack in Japanese)


How were Susaki Kanpachi raised?

Raising method is cited below from Kochi Kawauso Market 



According to fishermen's association in this bay, this bay is a ria coastline which is rare in Tosa Bay and fit in fish farming.

At fish farm, fishermen measure the length of amberjacks regularly and feed amberjacks with appropriate amount of baits to control the quality of amberjacks severely.

Because of small scale farming, fishermen pay attention to amberjack condition very well and even let them swim into 250 Tons fresh water for 15000 amberjacks once two week to avoid sick.

By taking such great cares, amberjacks grow shiny, beautiful and tasty.

Thanks to that,   delivered amberjacks have been receiving great evaluations from restaurants and chefs in abroad such as "It is hard to find this quality of fish in the world. We appreciate the great care of fishermen"



Fishermen also selected the feeding baits very carefully.



Amberjacks raised in this bay is mainly fed with raw baits.

Selected sardines, horse mackerels, mackerels are used to feed amberjacks just like they are swimming in the nature. Feeding amount is changed by the seasons, weather, and amberjacks' condition to not let them feel stresses as possible. Fishermen spent more than 100 millions per year for baits and with these all efforts, amberjacks grow healthy, beautiful and delicious.



Amberjacks raised under great care are now facing the shipping problem.

Please watch a video below to feel the urgent situation of fishermens' (Only in Japanese)


Amberjacks raised with sardines consumed in nature and swam in freshwater one two weeks  to keep the health....

Would you please support us to consume these amberjacks ?

If you are living in Japan, fish is delivered as fresh as being able to eat at raw.

You can eat it as Sashimi, or Susahi, or even Syabusyabu.


There are three types of amberjack package available. (These three are all written in Japanese)


For two people,  Trial set.  3180Yen (incl tax)+Shipping fee


If you worry about receiving fresh fish by delivery, we recommend to try this first.



If there are multiple people or few people who want to eat a lot, we recommend this set. For 6~8 people 5380Yen(tax incl)+Delivery fee


This includes fillets of half body of an amberjack. This can be eaten not just as sashimi but also syabusyabu (soaking raw fish into boiling water) 



In case you are big family or use for party、this whole amberjack is highly recommended.


Guts are removed from this amberjack but you have to fillet by yourself. That means, you can have fish trims including head.

For fish trims, how about these cooking method below?


須崎カンパチIf you ordered 1 whole amberjack, we highly recommend to try this cooking method.


Currently, state of emergency was lifted up and numbers of patients of Coronavirus are bounding up in Japan.

If you are living in Japan, and if you woud like to decrease the risk of infection on grocery shopping, ordering groceries through the online is one of choices to have a great time with family enjoying great quality of fish.