Japanese Barramundi (Akame) has started showing up in Susaki

Hello, everyone!

How have you been?


Here in Japan, locust finally started signing.

Yeah, summer has come, not rainy  season finishes yet though.


Anyway, let's move onto today's topic.

There are several kinds in Lates genus in the world and Lates Japonicus ( Japanese Barramundi, Akama, literally "Red Eye") is one thriving originally in Japan.


This barramundi (hereafter, Barra) is quite popular among anglers since its habitat is limited only around southern western Japan and its numbers are not many.


Kochi Prefecture is probably the best place to challenge that fish and especially Urado bay is where Japanese record (131cm, 39kg) was confirmed and most accessible from the airport.

Therefore, Urado Bay has been known as best but sometimes only spot for catching Barra for long time.


HOWEVER, here in Susaki, there is a bay called Uranouchi bay surrounded by the peninsula stretching for 18.8km.

While Urado bay's Barra fishing is done mainly at night, daytime fishing is main in Uranouchi Bay, which is much more exciting to see the fight.

Moreover, anglers fish from shore at Urado, but anglers fish from raft at Uranouchi. That is an interesting difference between these places.


So, I went to Uranochi Bay to research with colleages.

I and colleages were thinkning that Barra is rare and very cautious fish, so that would be great if we could catch one by the end of the day, but

after 30 minutes from the beginning, one of us suddenly caught this by letting 17cm smallscale blackfish swim with a big hook.


アカメ94cm  Akame (Japanese barramundi, Lates Japonicus


That was really amazing experience since I have never thought Barra is such easy to catch.

Plus, great things were fishing raft is covered with roofs, gas burner equipped with drinking water, clean rest place without shoes, toilet, fishing gears such as net, fish stock net, containers, buckets  and so on.... So, there is no worry about sun burn and rain. Just bring your fishing rod, reel, rigs, and bait. You can even enjoy BBQ on the raft if owner says OK.

Below is the list of raft floating at Uranouchi Bay. Call them by the day before and enjoy!



①Fukaura Gyokyou  

 Call  Fukaura  




②Tsuri Ikada Masaki

  Call Masaki



 ③Tominaga  Tsuri Ikada

  Call Tominaga



 ④Tsuri Ikada   Sakamoto

  Call  Sakamoto



 ⑤Takahashi Tosen

  Call  Takahashi



 ⑥Hiroto maru

  Call   Nakauchi



 ⑦Tsuri Ikada  Sachi maru

  Call   Fukumoto



 ⑧Tsuri Ikada Yano

  Call Yano



 ⑨Tanimura Tosen

    Call Tanimura