Shinko Festival in 2020 has been cancelled

Hello, everyone.

Here, we always update fishing information caught up in Susaki, but this time is for local people and

people who will visit Susaki in the future.


Fishermen in Susaki are eagarly after two kinds of fish called "Shinko" (Young Bullet and Frigate Tuna) every summer because a large group of Shinko swims close to shore of the sea of Susaki and people have been catching and holding festivals with those fishes for decades. Those fishes lose their freshness quicker than other kinds of fish. Therefore, raw or Sashimi of Shinko have been consumed only by local people. That is a previlege for local people and people who visit Susaki in right time.

So, that festival is called Shinko Festival and had been held by last year.

This year, unfortunately, excutive committee of festival decided to cancel the festival due to the coronavirus spreading all over the world.

Hopefully, we can hold next year and will see you at Shinko Festival next year!