Delicious Fish Must Come with Delicious Soy Sauce

Hello, World Anglers!

Greeting from Susaki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan!


Corona Virus is threatening people all over the world.

It is being said that one of effective solutions is to decrease the chance to meet people.

Though going to grocery shopping is allowed for keeping life, there is a still full of chances to contact other people.

In terms of risk management like this time, buying groceries via internet is quite useful and effective to reduce the infection risk.


Here in Susaki, as a production spot of expensive and delicious fishes, there is still a ton of amberjack stocks in the farms and

various wild fishes caught by fishermen like the followings.

(these three photos were taken before declaration of a  state of emergency. Now entire Japan is under it).


真鯛  ハマチ

Some giant  red snapper, stumpnose at the bottom, and two yellowtail.  


アマダイ  マハタ

Giant Tilefish, Six banded grouper, yellowback seabream from 100m deep.


マハタ  ウッカリカサゴ  サバフグ

Six banded grouper, Red marbled rockfish, Dark rough-backed puffer (non-poisonous! Yey)


As probably everyone knows, Japanese loves raw fish ("Sashimi" in Japanese)  and eat it with soy sauce and wasabi.


Today, we would like to introduce Soy sauce & Miso paste company, Marukyou, located in Susaki, Kochi.

Since Japanese people have been eating raw fish for long time, soy sauce has been sophisticated along with fish-eating culture.


Marukyo is the soy sauce & miso paste company that the locals who eat fish frequently have been loving since 1951.


History of this factory is written in its website.


”Soy sauce for raw fish produced by Marukyo have been bought and put on aside of people's dairy meals for long time. We were requested by the local fishmen to produce soy sauce fitted to the taste of raw fish and we completed this soy sauce by collecting various opinions not only from fishermen but other fishery related people.  Soy sauce for raw fish is needed for great care among all other kind of soy sauces. Though this is made for raw fish, this soy sauce is especially fit with red-colored meat fish such as tuna. Since this soy sauce has most thick flavor and well-seasoned, this characteristics goes very well with raw fish.”


This soy sauce is made for fitting with raw fish. This is a proud of Marukyo.

刺身醤油 360ml

Soy sauce for raw fish (Only in Japanese)

This soy sauce's ingredients are made based on golden balance that Marukyo and locals could reach through the struggling.

This goes very well with red colored meat fish such as tuna and bonito. (Kochi is most famous prefecture for Bonito fish)

Size is prepared from sample size (150ml)、360ml, 900ml to 1.8L.


So, is there any soy sauce that is fitted with white-colored meat fish such as Cod?

Of course, there is because Susaki is where fish-eating culture lives.

This is that soy sauce.


Sweet taste of Pine (Only in Japanese) 

This is one of popular soy sauces in thick flavored soy sauce category.

Characteristics of this soy sauce is soft sweet taste with fine aftermouth. This is easy to use for cooking cuisines that sugar is added.

Because color is relatively light among all the thick flavored soy sauce, this one is recommended to cook vegetables.

Also, this is one suited for white-meat raw fish.


By the way,  there are lots of local famous foods throughout Japan and there is one in Susaki.

That is Nabeyaki Ramen Noodle below.

This ramen noodle is cosisted of chicken broth with thin noodles and unique point is how to be served.

When the customers opened the lid, soup is still boiling and that is a proper way to be served for this Nabeyaki Ramen.

Soy sauce we made for cooking this Nabeyaki Ramen Noodle, is this soy sauce, Thick-tasted Small Cherry Blossom.


Small Cherry Blossom (Only in Japanese)

150ml、900ml、1.8Lare available.

This is a well-seasoned and deep flavored soy sauce. This soy sauce is adjusted its balance to enhance the flavor of

chicken broth. This is suited for grilling chicken, skewed chicken and also for stir-fry.  



And, this is the soy sauce that can be added to finalize the cuisines.

This is "Thick taste, Kiri"

こいくち 桐こいくち 桐

Thick taste, Kiri (Only in Japanese)

This is most thick-flavored soy sauce among all the soy sauce made in Marukyo. This is good for thick-flavored cuisines and waterish ingredients such as tofu. When you cannot decide the flavor of cuisines,  this is best kind of soy sauce such as fried rice. 900ml and 1.8L size are available respectively.


Because Marukyo is where soy bean products are made, there is miso paste, of course.  

Also, sale by volume is available specilized in producing factory.

When you catch big fish, there are lots of fish trims. Soup using these trims is very tasty with this miso soup.


Marukyo Miso Paste (Only in Japanese)

This type of miso can be fitted with any kinds of ingredients. This is the taste that you never get bored. 

This miso is made of ingredients produced only in Japan. 

The flavor of soy beans and sweetness of malted rice combined to create delicious harmony of miso paste.

Savory flavor rises up from miso soup that contains vegetables and seaweeds.


Red miso paste(Only in Japanese)

This miso paste is produced after matured for a long time.
It is recommended to mix with Marukyo miso above to strengthen the flavor.

Or this can be used as a secret flavor for stew or stir-fry. 
This miso is made of rice but you can enjoy the bean-made miso flavor.

White miso paste (Only in Japanese)白みそ

This miso can be best for fresh cuisines with its smooth and soft taste of rice malt.
These chacteristics of taste emphasize the taste of ingredients such as boiled vegetables.

Plase do not boil too much when cooking a miso soup with this miso. It is recommended to mix with

other type of miso. This miso adds smooth sweetness to the cuisines.



Soy sauce and Miso paste - a condiment that cooks from fillets to trims of fish deliciously.


Under the declaration of a state of emergency, people gather to supermarcket to buy groceries and risk their lives

to the infection of virus. Purchasing groceries through the internet is effective solution of reducing risk.

Even if you have ever bought groceries in internet, why don't you start buying groceries via internet safely?


・Soy sauce (Only in Japanese)


・Miso paste (Only in Japanese)


・Combo products (Only in Japanese)


・Sweets (Only in Japanese)


・Boiled Moray eel with ginger (Only in Japanese)


・Ponzu (Only in Japanese)



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Under the serious depression caused by CoronaVirus, almost all industries in Japan are struggling to survive.

How about energize the family, yourself and companies by purchasing healthy and tasty foods through the online ?