Spring squid season has started!

Good afternoon, world anglers!


I, web editor, distribute the fishing information from  Susaki, Kochi.


Here in Susaki, ocean is getting warm as the season is changing from winter to spring.

Raising water temperature finally brought spring squid season to Susaki.


Personally, I got addicted to Squid fishing two years ago after acquaintance invited me for squid fishing.

Since then, I have been pushing that acquaintance to take me to Spring Squid fishing, but that is not happenning yet.   



On the other way, there is an angler who went fishing from Yoshino Marina Resort, and caught some spring squids!


ヨシノマリーナリゾート  アオリイカ

It's impossible to estimate the weigh of these squids, but spring squid tends to be heavier than ones caught in autumn.


However, something I am pretty sure is that these are super delicious.


These squids were caught in April 4th, so that situation should be better now, I guess.


Other than squid, there are some fishing services available for various kinds of fish such as general fishes like Horse Mackerel, big fish eater such as Yellowtail and grouper, popular fish for core anglers such as Jaw Fish.


Here  is a couple of available services.

①Susaki Tourism Fishing Center

●Targets:   Offshore Inlets: Smallscale blackfish、Striped beakfish, etc

                    Boat Fishing: Red Snapper, Aerolate Grouper, Golden Threadfin Bream,  Crimson Seabream, etc

Details of Offshore Inlet Fishing。Reservation is not needed. Please come to the harbor directly.  

Details of Tai jig boat fishing。Reservaton is needed. Upon a reservation, please come to the harbor.




②Fishing Leisure Boat, Captain Okkamu  

●Targets:  Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Yellowback Seabream, Red Snapper,  Yellowtail, Amberjack, Six banded grouper, Jawfish

Details are here

●Reservation is needed. 8000 Japanese Yen per person

Introducing Captain Okkamu (Only in Japan)

●Captain Okkamu's telephone number:090-8979-1880 (Only in Japanese)

●Lounching harbor


This information is provided by Yoshino Marina Resort.


Stay healthy and we rise together against Corona Virus!!