Fishing Report on Feburary 24th

Hello, everyone!

Morning greeting from Susaki, Kochi Prefecture in Japan.

It is in winter. Yes, it should be winter now... but somehow there is no snow on ski area.

Going to Ski trip once a year is my routine but it seems that is not going to happen this year.


So, instead, I decide to put my eagar and budget into fishing compared to other years.

This fishing report is, maybe first time ever in this homepage, from my own fishing footage.


Let's take a look what I got.



Yellowback seabream, Golden threadfin bream, Red Snapper, Tilefish, Red marbled rockfish. Only tail shows up for red snapper.



Puffer fish and Red marbled Rockfish and so on...


If we hit the nest of puffer fish, rig got snapped instantly by their sharp teeth.

Rig costs about 10 USD. It is really painful if they took our expensive rigs.

As soon as we realized that we arrived at the puffer nest, we reeled as fast as we can.

Then, 10~15 puffers came up from the ocean bottom like carps in the pond.

Some even still chased rig at the surface of ocean.

Yellowback seabream got damaged when they were fished from 100m deep due to the dramatical change of water pressure.

However, puffer fish don't get damaged by the change of water pressure though they have gall bladder inside just like yellowback seabream.

Hmm... interesting.

Anyway, we are getting into the best season of Red Snapper.

Red snapper is coming to shore from deep ocean and feed like crazy. What is good of this season is the size of red snapper.

Size of Red Snapper is relatively bigger than that caught in other seasons such as 50~80cm or even bigger.


Fishing style is called "Tairaba" which is effective for Red Snappers and other kinds of snappers.  We highly recommend Tairaba style fishing service.

Detail is here.


As well as lure fishing service, we also provide the service that carries anglers to offshore inlets for Smallscale Blackfish and Striped Beakfish. Both fishes become fatter and fatter in winter and more tastier.

It is highly recommend to aim those fishes in winter . Detail is here.


Red Snapper's best season is coming but if you visit Susaki right now, You can see beautiful cherry blossom as informed previously.

雪割り桜  須崎

雪割り桜  須崎


 We will see you at next information update and hopefully at Susaki for fishing in future!


Fish on!!