Yoshino Marina Resort's homepage has been renewed!

Hello, world anglers!


Greeting from Susaki, Japan!

How's your recent catch? I have been in fish farm again and caught a black seabream with raw bait first time ever.

One of my dream has been achieved. Yes.


By the way, according to weather forecast, 3rd typhoon of this year is approaching to Japan now.

Some parts of Japan are lack of enough water to drink. Typhoon is certainly a kind of disaster but also benefit for those areas where there is not enough water.


Ok, back to today's topic.

As title says above, the fishing website called Yoshino Marina where Susaki Tourism Fishing Center is always getting fishing information as the promotion of fishing in Susaki, has been renewed.


Previous version was already nice with witty sentences and lots of great pictures in quite frequent upload.

This time, remaining witty and informative characteristics of website, dynamic pictures and images are added to website to promote the greatness and richness of the Sea of Susaki. 

Along with website renewal, Yoshino Marina Resort started new leisure plan.

That is the crusing with lunch. In this crusing plan, attendants can go on the sea and look the great scenery by crusing a boat with delicious meals made of the ingredients cultivated in Susaki.   

If you have a chance to visit Japan, come stop by at Susaki to spend luxury time with your friends, family, and loved one.

For more information, please take a look at YOSHINO MARINA RESORT.