Got good catch but the worst day for captain

Hello, everyone!

How's your catch recently?


Since there is no chatting function in this website, so I just report my recent catch here.

I went to largemouth bass fishing yesterday with an acquaintance.

I caught largemouth before back in the states during study abroad term but that was from the land all the time.

However, this time, I did fishing from boat with one main engine at the back and an electric motor at the head of boat just like professional bass anglers.

That was such fascnating moment of life.

Thanks to my guide (acquaintance), I could make my own new record of largemouth bass from 37cm (14.6in) to 45cm (17.7in) . Yes.



Okay, this is what happened in June 6th.


On current day, there are still some waves left from storm occured few days ago. So, Captain Okkamu decided to not go offshore and stayed at 60m depth range. There are some sea floor structure for fish and that is where captain stays over the boat.

There are some good signs on the screen of fish sonar.

So, fishing began and got so many bites from beginning.

There are about 40cm horse mackerel and mackerel everytime anglers dropped their rigs.

Captain thought that today is going to be a good day until wind direction changes.

After the fever for two hours, wind direction changed suddenly and it became hard to stay  his boat at same spot.

Because boat stayed away from great spot, Captain Okkamu attempted to lift an anker and try to move his boat back to great spot.

Then, tragedy occurred.

Anker stacked on the sea floor for some reason and unable to retrieve it on the  boat.

Captain tried many solutions but didnt work to retrieve it.


So, finally he decided to use his final solutio......"drag by boat"


As the result of his choice, rope of anker snapped and became part of fish structures sadly.


What the tragedy is that the rope was the one purchased in previous day.

So, he lost his brand new rope at first use.

After he lost his anker, he tried drift fishing but didn't work as well as before he lost his anker.


Captain had a reservation on next day. So, After he was back to port , he run to buy his new anker.



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We will see you at next information update and hopefully at Susaki for fishing in future!


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