Giant Horse Mackerel

Hello, anglers in the world! Greeting from Susaki, Japan.


How have you been in last weekend?


Is there anyone who went fishing?


I did. I went to night fishing to fishing port to catch something big. What I got was a huge fireworm instead of fish......  Wonderful...


Anyway, let's take a look at what someone else unlike me got last weekend!



Giant Horse Mackerel and Captain Okkamu




船釣り オオモンハタ

Areolate Grouper, Yellowback Seabream, Cherry bass, Red Marbled Rockfish, etc



Some of you might already noticed about how Japanese think of horse mackerel. Horse mackerel is considered as valuable fish  among Japanese and distributed a lot among fish markets throughout Japan.

Horse mackerel is inexpensive fish but its taste is really great compared to other fishes. Therefore, horse mackerel is really popular fishing target in Japan.  


This is from our captain Okkamu.

As we have been informing since last year, Captain Okkamu is constantly catching fishes. If you come to Japan first time ever and would like to try fishing without being lonely with empty cold box, we highly recommend him to go fishing with.

Captain Okkamu's Reservation Information :

E-mail : (in English & Japanese)

Or, contact us at 0889-42-2311

(Telephone in English & Japanese, available Mon~Th, 8:30~17:15 in Japan standard time),

For the details for fishing tour is here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


Location of port is here.



Captain Okkamu above is mainly fishing with raw or live bait but we, Susaki Tourism Fishing Center, provide lure fishing service as well.

Fishing style is called "Tairaba" which is effective for Red Snappers and other kinds of snappers. Here in Susaki, winter is the best season for big snappers. We highly recommend Tairaba style fishing service.

Detail is here.



As well as lure fishing service, we also provide the service that carries anglers to offshore inlets for Smallscale Blackfish and Striped Beakfish. Both fishes become fatter and fatter in winter and more tastier.

It is highly recommend to aim those fishes in winter . Detail is here.



Fish on!!