Happy New Year 2019!!

Happy New Year to you, everyone!!


It's 2019! How fast did the year 2018 pass through for you?


In 2019, we would like to push us forward to distribute our service to anglers outside of Japan and would like more world anglers to challenge the fishes in Susaki.


To do that, though it's still tentative, our staffs are currently planning the fishing competition enjoyable not only for veteran anglers but also for beginners such as children.

Why don't you perform your fishing skills here in Susaki to admire Japanese anglers?  It would be more fun and great chance to get known with Japanese anglers and share the fishing knowledge with them.


Also, another great news is that we will start uploading our fishing videos in Youtube from April. If uploading videos are ready, we would like to annouce here.


That is it for the first article of Year 2019.


We hope that all of you have more chances to encounter great fishes in 2019!!


Have a nice fishing year, everyone!!