Bonito and Frigate Tuna are Still Caught in Susaki!

Hello, everyone!


It is the best season to eat bonito!


Large amounts of bonito come closer to Japan twice a year, Spring and Fall.


In spring, A group of bonito swims up from south to north and they come closer to Japan on the way up to north.


Bonito caught in spring season have less fat compared to the bonito in fall.


During the sumemr time, bonito feed in northern ocean and get fatter and fatter.


After summer, bonito come back from north to south and get closer to Japan on the way back.


Bonito at this time are really high in fat and market price is high.


Ok, introduction is over here, and let's take a look at what Captain Okkamu and his customers caught recently.



須崎 カツオ Lots of bonito!




須崎 カツオ Frigate tuna is also high in fat in this season.




須崎 カツオ Biggest one of the day!




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