Unexpected Giant Bonito Fever in Susaki!

Hello, everyone.


How have you been recently?


Today, we have a surprise!


We have just received a great news about bonito coming to Susaki!


They is no longer around 2~3kg (4~6lb) size fish, but over 5kg (11lb) and even close to 7kg (15lb)!


Let's see what we got reported!


5kg (11lb) !  Look at how its belly is rounded!




5.83kg (12lb)! Taste must be way better than before!




Biggest one of the day!




This is what Captain Okkamu caught all by himself!!  I didn't get a call for souvenir.....




Previous time I updated information about bonito was about 2~3kg but this time is about double of the size!


These were caught by the drifting method, a captain's favorite technique to catch bonito and tuna.


This won't last long. So, if you are interested in catching those here in Susaki, please let us know via the email address: E-mail : syoko1@city.susaki.lg.jp (in English & Japanese)

Or, contact us at 0889-42-2311

(Telephone in English & Japanese, available Mon~Th, 8:30~17:15 in Japan standard time),


For the details for fishing tour is here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


Location of port is here.



Tasty  fishing, anglers! ! !