Five-ray Yellowfin and Amberjack are so close to the shore!?

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How 's your fishing recently?


Here is the latest information of fishing in Susaki.




This is what an angler got within 2 hours in October 12th.



According to the anglers, at that day, he wanted to go fishing so bad and finally could go fishing  for 2 hours at the dusk.


Yes, you have read right.   2 hours!!  


He got these within 2 hours!!


The way to catch them is drop-bait fishing, which is that an angler catch bait fish first and leave it until predator fish bite on it.


Because the spot is so close to the shore, even one angler could catch a lot like this.


There are not so many places in Japan where you can catch them in such short time.


If would like to catch these delicious fish, why don't you come to Susaki ?




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For the details for fishing tour is here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


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Again, this information has been provided from Yoshino Marina. (Only in Japanese)


Exciting fishing, anglers! ! !