3rd Fishing Fever in Susaki!

How are you doing, everyone?



Here in Japan, we have just had  24th typhoon yesterday! That was a massive typhoon!


My apartment was shaken like earthquake by the violently strong wind. Rain hit and flew on the roof like the waterfall and the park near my home became like a pond. Waterways I usually fish for catfish were overflowing and could't even  see any fishes.


Fortunately, there was no serious damage on infrustracture in Susaki, but I was worrying about the amberjack farms.



Well, as writte in title, this article is about the fishing fever in Susaki. This time of result is the one reported in September 24th.  Ok, let's see what the anglers got.



Lots of Golden threadfin breams!   








Red snappers!


Anglers were supposed to catch chicken grunts but ended up no chicken grunts and caught lots of threadfin and red snappers, instead!   


The  way to fish, with red snapper rig, is that anglers drag the rig  on the bottom of ocean with shrimp bait.


This information is provided by the Yoshino Marina (Only in Japanese).



Golden Threadfin Bream is dealt as an expensive fish in the market  in Japan because of its taste.  if you would like to taste this expensive fish, please click on here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


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E-mail : syoko1@city.susaki.lg.jp (in English & Japanese)


If you would like to talk to Captain Okkamu directly, call 090-8979-1880 (Only in Japanese)


Location of port is here.



Great Fishing, anglers! ! !