Autumn fever : Amberjack in Susaki

Hello, everyone!


I hope everyone is enjoying the fishing in the best season.


Following to the previous article about Seabream festival, this time is about ferocious predator, Amberjack!


After bullet tuna left, it is the season for amberjack, a fish we are waiting for to come here in the sea of Susaki!


Let's see what we were catching these days!



Good-sized amberjack, 50~60cm (20~24in) with some horse mackerels which were the baits not eaten by amberjack.






Plus, five ray yellowtail which are about 60~70cm (24~28in).




A cat got a leftover, a mackerel.



They were caugth by the technique called "Drop bait Technique" , which anglers catch bait fish such as horse makerel, size is around 20cm (8in), first , with sabiki fishing rig(leader line is around 40lb). Once bait fish hits, anglers don't reel in, but leave it until predatory fish eats it on, instead.



This technique is utilizing the food chains between bait fish and predatory fish: Predatory fishes are always after or where the bait fishes swim. This techquniqu works for almost all predatory fishes such as Tuna, Yellowtail amberjack, Red snapper, Grouper, Flatfish, etc.  


Therefore, some small horse mackerel in the cold box in the first picture above are the baits that could escape from big fishes. (But, anglers kept them because horse mackerel is tasty. )


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And, if you would like to experience this unique fishing style to catch big and tasty fish, please click on here (see "Boat Fishing・Raw Bait Style").


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Refreshing Fishing, anglers! ! !