Big horse mackerel is coming to Susaki!

I don't remember how many times I have been writing " How are you doing in these hot days? "


Hot, hot, hot. This summer is unusually hot compared to past summers.

I got knocked down by the heat two days ago and took a half day off.  I hope everyone else is doing Ok. 

Some people in Japan tend to not use the air conditioner  to save money but if you get sick because of that, you will spend more money in hospital. Let's use air conditioner wisely to save money and be healthy.


However, there is something coming to Susaki that  even air conditioner cannot cool down the anglers.

That is the huge horse mackerel. The name, horse mackerel is translated into " Aji " in Japanese. The word " Taste " is also translated into " Aji ". It means, " Aji " fish is given that name due to its taste of meat. It can be cooked as sashimi (raw), sushi, grilled, fried, or even marinated. This fish can fit in any ways of cooking methods. Long story short, horse mackerel is vert popular fish in Japan.   


Huge groups of such tasty horse mackerel are coming to Susaki right now. Not just huge groups, but size of individuals is so big. Some of them are even as big as mackerel.  

Check out the following pictures.



Beautiful horse mackerel changing its colors from cobalt blue to gold.....



In another box....


This is great, isn't it ?

Some of horse mackerel are as big as mackerel.

Not only horse mackerel, mackerel is also good to eat. When I did Taira at first time, I caught a mackerel accidently and ate it as sashimi. And, that was totally different from one I ate in Tokyo. I realized that freshness is really important at that time.   


If you booked a ticket to visit Japan in summer time, why don't you add Susaki for your destinaton to enjoy eating fresh fish?

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Fish On!