Tai Jig Fever in Susaki

Hello, world anglers!!

Here is a web editor from Susaki Tourism Fishing Center.

Greeting from Susaki, Kochi in Japan.


How have you been? I hope you all are enjoying fishing life.

This time, "again", some of you might feel this way, but about Tai jig fishing.

Since this method is promising for almost all the time. 

So, many people rely on this method.


So, let's take a look at the result of Feburary 6th.


On Feburary 6th, there was raining in midnight, and morning was windy because of rainning.

However, according to the forecast, it is going to be calm towards noon.

So, though we were supposed to fish around 100m(333ft)-deep-area but stayed at 80m(266ft)-deep-area for a moment.


At 80m-deep-area, we caught some lizard fish and Yellowback seabream.

After a short while, wind got weaker, so we went 115m(383ft)-deep-area.

Then, fish fever began.


Everyone except me caught Tilefish. Captain even caught 65cm(26in) Red Snapper  with a jig.

Let's see the cold boxes!


タイラバ   アマダイ レンコダイ  ウッカリカサゴ

49cm(20in) Tilefish. 6 of us went fishing today and 5 of us caught tilefish. One of them even caught 4 tilefish. So, who is only one who couldn't catch tilefish? It's me...


What is inside in second cold box?

タイラバ 真鯛 マハタ ウッカリカサゴ  レンコダイ

So, this is a big Red Snapper I was talking above. Not only Red Snapper, but this six banded grouper was also caught by a captain.   Red marbled rockfish was also caught by the captain. All good fishes are caught by captain.


タイラバ レンコダイThird cold box...which is my cold box filled with Yellowback Seabream because everyone put them into my cold box though I didn't catch them this many....


Alright, let's see the fourth cold box.

タイラバ   レンコダイ  シイラ  ヒゲソリダイShort barbeled velvetchin! A rare species caught by an angler fished next to captain. Yep, this is not done by captain finally. However, 2 Dolphin fish were caught by the captain.  

Dolphin fish appeared to the surface when they were chasing a mackerel I hooked.

As soon as captain saw a group of dolphin fish, he casted a lure and caught these two. I did it too but dolphin fish wasn't interested in lures anymore. So, I couldn't catch any.


In the sea of Susaki, there are various targets for both Lure fishing and Bait fishing.

We, Susaki Tourism Fishing Center, provide lure fishing service as well.

Fishing style is called "Tairaba" which is effective for Red Snappers and other kinds of snappers. Here in Susaki, winter is the best season for big snappers. We highly recommend Tairaba style fishing service.

Detail is here.

As well as lure fishing service, we also provide the service that carries anglers to offshore inlets for Smallscale Blackfish and Striped Beakfish. Both fishes become fatter and fatter in winter and more tastier.

It is highly recommend to aim those fishes in winter . Detail is here.

We will see you at next information update and hopefully at Susaki for fishing in future!

Fish on!!



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Fish on, everyone!