Chumming works all the year

How's going, everyone!

It is getting colder everyday here in Susaki, Japan.

Personally,  I feel the coldest right before snowing. After snowing, it is no longer colder than before.

As temperature goes down, water temperature goes down.

And, more than worse, fish activities slow down.


River is no more a promising spot, even some lakes too. Among all the spots, one of few spots where anglers can fish with calm mind is the ocean with artificial structures at the bottom.

Combining with chumming is even better and almost perfect and typical routine for triumph.


On December  12th, amigos went out to the ocean for chumming fishing.

As mentioned above, result was really outstanding considering this current harsh condition.


マダイ  イトヨリ カゴカキダイ

First cold box!. Golden threadfin bream, Red seabream, White trevally, Horse Mackerel, Stripey, Stumpnose...

There is no outstandingly big one, but fun for sure.


釣り コショウダイ   ヘダイ   イトヨリSecond coldbox. Painted Sweetlip, Stumpnose, Golden threadfin bream, Horse Mackerel, Yellowtail, Crimson Seabream, etc

There is a huge Yellowtail down there. According to Captain, this yellowtail was about 80cm, 31.5in.


コマセ釣り アジ チダイ ツバメウオThird one. Horse mackerel, Golden threadfin bream, Crimson seabream....It's quite normal until here... but there is a weird one.

Yep, that is a Longfin batfish! It is quite rare to catch this fish.




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Exciting fishing, anglers! ! !