Akame (Japanese Barramundi) is still constantly eatching on the fish anglers hooked

Hello, world anglers!

Greeting from Susaki, Kochi, Japan.


Cherishing a wonderful & lovely season, "Autumn"!

I, web editor, love this season most!

Weather is nice, foods are great, and mostly, best season for fishing!

Not too hot, not too cold. Good to stay with shirt and sandal all day long.

At the end of the day, if I could finish up with a bottle of cold beer, there is nothing else to want.


Yeah, that is the impression of my favorite season, Autumn.

Because Autumn in Japan is best season for any kinds of activities, fishing is, needless to say, in the list of "Things to do in Autumn"

Here in Susaki, there is a calm bay surrounded by the mountains, Uranouchi bay.

Fish farming is a major business in this bay and there are many other wild fishes feeding on the bait provided by fish farming people.

One of those wild fishes is black seabream.

This can grow up over 50cm and quite popular fish among anglers.

However, there is a kind of fish feeding on this popular target. That is Lates Japonicus, so called Akame (Red eye).


When anglers hooked a fish at the bottom of the ocean, anglers reel up the fish, Akame eats on the fish angler hooked.

It's quite spectacular to see that Akame chases your fish from the bottom of the ocean and eat it on with the exploding sound which can even heard to the air from water.

That is still happening in Uranouchi Bay, Susaki.


There are 9 fishing rafts in Uranouchi Bay.

They are all members of Uranouchi Fishing Raft Association, so price is all same.

-High schooler or older   3500JPY all day

-Junior high schooler   3000 JPY all day

-Elementary high schooler 2000 JPY all day

-5 years old or younger 1000 JPY all day

All fishing rafts are equipped with roof so that people can enjoy the fishing even if it is raining. Also, though I haven't tried all rafts, ones I tried were equipped with nice clean room, gas barner for boiling water, drinking water, and other fishing peripherels such as backet, bowl, chair, fish stock net and so on.

If you are interested in raft fishing in Uranouchi Bay, please call them day before scheduled fishing day.  

※We are sorry that the corresponded language for the numbers below is only Japanese.

①Fukaura Fishery Association 



②Fishing Raft   Masaki



③Tominaga Fishing Raft



④Fishing raft    Sachimaru



⑤Tanimura Boat



⑥Fishing Raft  Yano



⑦Takahashi Boat



⑧Hiroto Maru




 アカメAkame (Lates Japonicus) ,  Japanese barramundi. 104cm, 40.9in