【Cooperation】Cooperation for providing us your catch information

We are currently updating fishing results regularly collected only from Susaki Tourism Fishing Center where is located at Hama-machi.



Other than Hama-machi, there is a branch office of fishing center in Kutsuu area in Susaki but we haven’t been collecting any fishing results in Kutsuu branch. Although offshore rock fishing in Kutsuu is secretly known only among hard-core anglers, we are preparing to collect the fishing results data to distribute the information to let more anglers know about us.



We kindly ask customers two things: Cooperation to fill in the “catch” form and photo shooting with fish.

Cooperation is voluntary.


At this moment, we haven’t decided the starting date yet, but we are planning to start in this spring, 2017. We are afraid to say that this is still a tentative plan….

Therefore, we might ask customers who fished in offshore rock to fill in the form and take a picture in the future.


We appreciate your cooperation in advance.