Now, Sushi restaurant, "Ichibanbune", Cooks Your Fish!

Hello, everyone!

It's been a while to update this website.

How's your fishing trip recently?

I have been busy for my fishing and job in good balance.

Well, that can't be an excuse for not updating this website.


Anyway, we got something to let everyone who comes to Susaki know.

As title says, now we collaborate with sushi restaurant in Susaki called, "Ichibanbune", to start a service that anglers can bring their own fish to restaurant to eat.

For anglers who enjoy catch-and-eating, cooking part is also fun part of fishing process.

However, sometimes fishing part got exciting too much and no energy left for cooking.

Every anglers should have such experience and here is a solution only in Susaki!!

If you have a chance to come to Susaki for fishing, and caught fish, bring it to this restaurant and

take a rest until it is ready to eat.

All you have to do is pretty much just to enjoy the fishing. While you are waiting, you can do whatever you want such as taking a nap, going to Onsen (hot spring), etc.

If you are interested in this service, the followings are the details.



【Details of this service】

・Reservation by one day prior is necessary.

・Estimated time until ready to eat depends on kinds and numbers of fish but usually about 2 hours.

・We cannot accept any fishes which we either have to have a license (ex: Puffer fish), are required special skills, or are threathened to cook safely (ex: Lion fish).

・Service fee depends on kind, size, and numbers of fish. Please let us know in advance.

・Both cash (Only Japanese Yen) and credit card are available for payment.  

・We might not be able to provide this service in busy time of the year such as the end and beginning of the year.

・Please be aware that we cannot accept too many fish. Also, please be aware that ideal amount of fish is about one dish per person.